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About Fugu

Team Fugu is a company established in the British Virgin Islands in 2018.

Many friends around us were seeking an easy-to-use and reliable solution to access Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other web services when they were in China. And the results turn out to be that even there are lots of VPN services around, most are generic VPN services and doesn't work as promised when used in mainland China. (Some works at first but later became unusable as the GFW relentlessly evolves.)

At the very beginning, Fugu has been focusing on solving all the hassles of accessing the Internet from China. And we have been laser-focusing on that issue since.

Now, after months of hard work, we created easy-to-use apps for all major platforms. And after heavy tests throughout China's provinces, Fugu VPN is one of the most reliable VPN services to use in mainland China.

We hope you would enjoy Fugu and the hassle-free Internet, once again.

Best wishes and peace,
Your Fuguers