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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about Fugu VPN. If you can't find your answer, contact us.

About the Service

  • What devices and platforms does Fugu support?

    We offer free apps for all data plans on macOS, Windows, iOS and Android.

  • What makes Fugu extremely reliable?

    Unlike legacy VPN protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, etc., Fugu VPN uses a TLS encryption layer to make VPN traffic looks just like normal HTTPS traffic. And this makes Fugu extremely hard to get detected or blocked by the internet censorships. Also, Fugu only uses high quality networks like CN/CN2, which helps the whole service runs smoothly without lags.

  • How many simultaneous connections are allowed?

    Every plan includes 5 simultaneous connections in one household

  • Why Fugu doesn't support Shadowsocks(SS)?

    Because Shadowsocks is not reliable anymore. Early 2019, when DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) get deployed, SS connections became detectable in China. SS users could experience frequent disconnection from the internet or IP banning

  • When is customer support available?

    We offer support through our chat system and mail. We promise to reply within 12 hours on working days.

  • Does it support Netflix?

    It does. Several servers support video streaming sites such as Netflix.

About Billing

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept payments by credit cards secured by Stripe (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, UnionPay, JCB) and Bitcoin. And we have plans to accept Alipay and Wechat Pay in the near future.

  • Can I affiliate Fugu on my website/social account?

    Yes. We offer affiliates for our users. If you have no Fugu account but also want to affiliate Fugu, please contact our support.

  • Are there any free trial plans? Can I refund?

    We does not offer trial periods to prevent leaking the IP addresses. Also, due to the nature of the service, there will be no refund for any reason.

About the Data Plan

  • What can you do with 50GB per month (Standard Plan)?

    With 50GB/month, you can enjoy Youtube video of HD quality for about 3 hours a day. For normal usages, you can use 50GB without feeling any inconvenience. Also, with Fugu's Standard Plan, event your 50GB is used up, you can still use our service with slowed-down connection speed.

  • Can I increase monthly traffic volume?

    For those who need more traffic, we also offer plans with more data which your can upgrade on our billing page. Also you can buy more data package for current month.

  • When will the data usage be reset?

    On the first day 00:10am(UTC+9) of each month, your data usage will be reset.

  • How many devices does a personal plan support?

    You can use Fugu on 5 devices. You can using max 2 devices simultaneously.

  • Can I carry over the excess packets?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to carry over excess packets.

  • Do you offer dedicated plan?

    Yes. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

  • Do you offer team and enterprise plan?

    Yes. We do have team version and docker version for enterprise users. Please contact

About Our Privacy Policy

  • Do you keep track of the user's traffic records?

    Fugu does not store any user's data (URLs and IPs). We only record the total traffic usage of each account and online sessions to prevent user share his account to a lot of friends to abuse our service.

  • How do you make our account secure?

    We put our service on the most reliable hosting platform, Azure. All our system is developed from the ground up, as open-sourced code may suffer from 0-day vulnerabilities. All data on your accounts is encrypted and will not be transferred to any third parties under any circumstances. Accounts that have not been used for more than 3 months will be deleted.

  • Is communication between my computer and your server encrypted?

    Yes. Fugu's proprietary protocol uses AES-256, one of the strongest encryption, to encrypt your connect to our server. It makes your internet connection extremely secure and protects you from snoops or censorships.

  • Is login by Google secure?

    We can't get any more information than your email address from Google.